Poké Poké

It’s quite hard to look for sushi bites here in Manila if you’re after quality and whatnots. For a time, I was afraid to eat out here because you can’t be too sure if the preparation is quite right or if it’s safe, even! And what’s more rare than sushi?! Poké! This Hawaiian delight is truly a treat if you find a store that’s really doing it justice. But hey, we found this stand, Poké Poké, located at SM Aura Food on Four.

Looking at their menu, my eyes were greeted with their ready made flavor bowls, but having tried this in Vancouver, of course I went for the Create Your Own Bowl! For 350, it’s not so bad. But what disappointed me is the availability of the ingredients they have on their menu. I had the following marked accordingly: mixed greens (I know, should be rice but I just had a snack lol), (+) tuna salmon, (-) crabsticks, (-) uni, +) poached shrimp, (+) peppers, (-) white onion, (+) cucumber, (+) seaweed, (+) tomato, (+) nori powder, (+) garlic sauce so chose kimchi aioli, (-) avocado, and (-) croutons. Hmm.. yeah maybe a little overpriced, I had to pay for some other ingredients that’s sadly not available in CYOB feature. Weird. They shouldn’t have placed everything then in the checklist.

Verdict: 1/5 (can I rate lower than this?)
The overall taste is so distant from what I had before and it’s just so sad they might as well pack their bags and stop selling “poké” really. This is an abomination, please stay away.

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