Like all other malls that are brand new, they take time to set up the stalls and the stores. The old Podium mall had stores in every floor and the new one seems to be all set to move those old stores in their new places. Like sand in an hourglass, they’re slowly trickling in. Nono’s is not one of those old restaurants though. And that’s part of the reason why I decided to dine here. It’s a chef-owned restaurant specializing on modern Filipino comfort food favorites.

It’s lunch time and the place is packed when I got there. Luckily, I had the last table although it’s one of the two tables outside the restaurant, on the left of the stand where a server is welcoming the guests. Looking at the menu, I knew what I wanted at first look, the Roasted Beef Belly. I told that to the server and she went away to tell the cooks. The other table I think is a business meeting with the chef and the owners, I’m not 100% sure though.

My plate finally arrived after a very long wait. More than 20mins, I sat there, the ice cubes on my glass melting away mixing with water. Almost downed half the bottle. Anyway, the plate had 3 slices of roast beef belly with balsamic drizzle, sitting on a bed of mashed potatoes. There was also a side of green salad and two small saucers of gravy and horseradish cream. The beef slices were rich and soft. The horseradish cream wasn’t so strong and biting. The green salad was ok.

Verdict: 2/5
This could have gotten a 3 but I had to take away some because I didn’t appreciate the long wait and the small bug on my glass when my water was served. Of course I asked for them to replace it. The restaurant has potential. It’s fairly new, so that’s probably why they had a hard time tending to all the customers. Try to get a seat inside the restaurant during non-peak hours.

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