Tai Koo HK Roast

There aren’t a lot of restaurants here serving roast duck (or I just haven’t searched enough). It’s a good thing I don’t have to look far and wide for it, like going to Chinatown maybe? Haha because a new restaurant just opened in Podium! Tai Koo HK Roast. A Filipino-owned restaurant aiming to serve authentic Hong Kong style roast duck here in the Philippines (a little research confirmed my first statement, without the side comment, haha).

It was lunch time and I’ll tell you right now, do NOT come here during lunch time. It had the same setup in the old Podium wing, where they have a counter where they take orders and customers pay, the kitchen is directly behind that, and the tables and chairs are scattered in front of their designated, open area. A long line has formed at their single cashier and I noticed a lot of people were seated without plates in front of them. So long line and wait time, but sure, they’re new, let’s give it a shot. I ordered (Ben (ack! That did not just happen!)) Solo Hong Kong Roast Duck Rice and found a spot. I haven’t settled in yet and one of the crew told me the seat was reserved. I didn’t see any sign on the table, which I pointed out but he insisted. I looked at him and asked if he’s asking me to vacate this table because I don’t see any vacant tables around. After a few minutes he transferred me to a newly tidied one. I had to wait for another 20 minutes for my food after I was reseated and with my 1-hr lunch break, I did not appreciate that. I was starting to get cranky at this time. That same crew member perhaps noticed that and I heard him follow up my order without me asking for it haha! Tiger look ftw! I was offered a glass with ice too, utensils, condiments, the works.

And my plate finally came and well, it didn’t feel like I needed to wait 20mins for it. Jasmine rice was topped with roast duck and a Bok Choy leaf. Digging in, I noticed the skin wasn’t crispy at all. The meat was succulent and tasty, though. It’s best paired with their chilli oil (just make sure to get enough, they might take it away from you after 5mins, like in my case haha). Oh and did I mention the abundance of flies? Yeah… managed to kill a fruit fly LOL

Verdict: 1/5
I feel like I talked more about the dining experience than the food. But I can’t help it. Apart from the things I’ve mentioned above, I witnessed 3 men bringing in 6 large Divisoria style plastic bags filled with what looked like takeaway boxes. So they’re not roasting it in house, sure, but are they buying it from some place else? Is this why it’s cheap? Paid around 260Php for this meal. Anyway, there’s a lot to improve on in this new restaurant. Maybe add more crew? And do something about those flies.

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