Wakamatsu Yakiniku

First of all, a warm welcome to 2018! And what’s the best way to celebrate it and crush any diet resolutions? Going in buffets of course! So, our 1st victim (or is really the other way around?) is Wakamatsu Yakiniku of Cebu. Flew all the way there to attend my 1st ever Sinulog Festival. Uh-huh, don’t judge. Wakamatsu is a Japanese eat-all-you-can restaurant, a la carte style.

After work, ReiMart, another friend, and myself met at the restaurant with no reservations at all. We’re brave souls, I tell you (but really, please call ahead and get one). We found ourselves waiting for around 15mins for a table to free up and when we got it, well, it wasn’t really a very private one. We shared the section with a Japanese group (or was that Korean, yeah maybe Korean). I just pointed out at some items I wanted to eat, like the beef and pork slices, shrimp for grilling, kimchi, and tuna sashimi. ReiMart just said 1 of each and the server went away. Amazing.

Disappointingly, the service was quite slow. Perhaps because there was a group pf 20 people that came in before us that ransacked the kitchen leaving us with just bits and pieces of the grand-looking dinner I had in mind. The ala carte dishes came in so slow and one by one, that we’re left with nothing else to cook or eat. Even the service water was hard to come by. Maybe if one of us dropped dead they’d notice they hadn’t given us any water, or still, maybe not. The ones that came, tongue, duck, some pork, and chicken slices, were sliced hastily but I’d say just about right with the thickness/thinness. But they all appeared just once. So yeah, so much for eat all you can. The sashimi were all sad looking, like they were standing on the counter for a while. And the maki were so poorly rolled out. Kimchi was ok but that’s not what we came at the restaurant for.

Verdict: 1/5
Sigh. This must be the worst review I had ever done and I’m thinking of scoring it lower, if possible. There was a variety of meats from their menu but sadly, just a few came out of their kitchens. The service was terrible. The ventilation wasn’t working properly, leaving us (or at least me) teary eyed from all the smoke (oh and yes we all smelled like barbecue afterwards). Both my companions said it was better during lunch time, but I don’t know if it’s worth another visit after this. Also, this was the 1st buffet I tried that didn’t make me full, at all, not even 1 bit.

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