As we were walking along SM Northwing during a lunch break from the May 1 job fair at the SM City Trade Hall, sis noticed that there was a Leona's branch up on the second floor. We noted the wide array of mouthwatering breads, pastries and cakes displayed on racks while some were stowed in the freezer. Aside from the relaxing ambiance the shop offered, their excellently made baked products contain just the right balance of sweetness and taste for the picky eater.

What caught my attention was the box of Lemon Squares, looking back, I heard rumors that these were really good. And it was! Remembering our trip back in February, it had just exactly the same taste as that famous lemon muffin sold at an outrageous price of 60 Php per piece.

After letting mom sample the squares, she became addicted to it. She also got a loaf of chocolate bread and took it home. This particular loaf goes well with hazelnut spread or any other chocolate spread.

Leona's Bakery‎
Main Branch: Kasambagan, Cebu City, Philippines

A: 4.8/5 Great tasting baked goods at an affordable price. Must sample.

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