Spice Fusion

With currently two branches in Cebu that I know of, Banilad and SM, Spice Fusion offers a wide array of Asian dishes that tickle the palates of restaurant goers. One of their popular orders is the Roti, a thin unleavened Indian bread served with a curry dip.

Upon arriving at the branch in SM's North Wing extension, we were greeted by courteous servers who seated us on a table for three near the door. The place was small and it doesn't help especially during lunch time, nonetheless, a full restaurant could only mean two things: a) it is good, or b) it is cheap and affordable.

After adapting to the busy atmosphere of the dining facility, we were handed menu booklets. Our eyes roamed as we grouped amongst ourselves what we wanted to have for lunch. Food presentation on the menu is mouthwatering and looks satisfying and we wanted to taste something different and unique. Seafood enthusiasts, particularly crab lovers will enjoy the different types of crab dishes Fusion serves.

I like the fact that this restaurant has a wide selection of vegetable menu, not that I'm turning vegetarian but I do want to eat healthy when I'm eating out. That being said, my favorite fare here is not a vegetable dish =p it's the oyster cake (yes, I LOVE oysters)

The roti is great too, it's like eating crispy air (try to imagine that!). The eggplant masala was a bit salty but maybe that's how it's supposed to be. The radish cake and Taiwan pechay were also good. After a while, I realized that this restaurant uses the term "cake" to actually mean cooked with egg. So those people thinking of sponge cake topped with radish and oysters can stop cringing  now =)

Maybe next time I'll go to their other branches at Ayala and BTC. The North Wing venue was too noisy and crowded for me. Then again, SM is known to be exactly that. 


A: 4.5/5. Food is good because of fresh ingredients used in the preparation, not to mention the simple and presentation when served on the customers' table. The wide assortment of delicious foreign dishes will leave them hanging for more. Taking to mind our no carb diet, we agreed on dining on a variety of vegetable dishes. Served on our table are servings of Roti, Raddish cake, Oyster cake, Eggplant masala and Taiwanese pechay. What caught my interest is the Roti, served on the table as if it was a discolored beige handkerchief (aside from the fact that I am a fan of pita bread and other such Persian/Indian cuisine). The raddish cake and the oyster cake are also definitely must tries. Adobong Eggplant lovers will find the Eggplant Masala, an ok order, on familiar grounds.

N: 4/5 I'm definitely going back to try other dishes here. The price is reasonable and I just might cook this at home =)

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