KFC Krushers & Chewy Cheese

Yesterday, we celebrated my sister's coming out of the diet day by eating an early dinner at CNT lechon. We had what we usually ordered, de-boned roast pig head with cups of rice. After the meal which ended just a few minutes before six, we decided to go home through Ayala. My sister mentioned that her college friend wanted to meet with her. We did at KFC Ayala, over a serving of KFC Krushers Strawberry Yoghurt and Chewy Cheese.

The wait was a typical fast food experience, long lines for greasy food and a seat with noisy customers. Everyone was ordering KFC Chicken Bucket, we had their slightly new product; Strawberry Yoghurt and a small box of Chewy Cheese.

The Krushers, as they claim, is a mix of yoghurt, real strawberries and ice in one cup. It did have real strawberry bits. Chewy Cheese is a crunchy concoction bread crumbs, dough and parmesan cheese. These balls can be squeezed and stretched up to a certain length, and best eaten while hot. After the snack ended, our group had our share of laughs over minute conversations about life. 

Have you seen the KFC chewy cheese commercial? I'm a sucker for TV ads and the minute I saw it, I knew i wanna get one of those so I could stretch the mozzarella to infinity =) and that's exactly what I did, amidst people staring at our table wondering which asylum I escaped from.

True to its word, the cheese did stretch a long way. You have to acknowledge that some food are best for playing than for eating, and this is one of those =p I can't really vouch for the taste, but it's cheese and it's chewy so I guess it lived up to its hype. All I know is that I'll join the chewy cheese stretching competition if they ever hold one =)

As for the krushers, well it's not gonna be my fave sugared artificial flavored drink anytime soon. I'd gladly pick my Thirsty watermelon slush over this any time of day.


A = 1/5 Strawberry Yoghurt Krushers is a huge failure. Although the drink did guarantee real strawberry bits, it wasn't consistent at all with its advertisement. Yoghurt wasn't even present, but instead tasted milk powder. The whole drink was sweet, whereas a real yoghurt drink would have had sourness in it. Chewy Cheese is ok, if you think balls of flour with cheese inside is a cool idea. But I'm not quite convinced about how it's supposed to be consumed plain. When it cools down, it all comes down to a piece of deep fried carb-cholesterol infested snack. Best eaten hot, with a side of dressing.

N = 1/5. They should rename it to stretchy cheese =)

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