Gene and Georgetti

i've already eaten at a number of steakhouses in chicago; chophouse, fugo's and morton's to name a few of them. together with my friends, we tried one of chicago's landmark steakhouse: "gene and georgetti."

the free bread and breadsticks were unremarkable. they were hard and bland.

we ordered assorted italian antipasto for appetizer. it consists of mozarella cheese, olives, anchovies, pepper and ham. i did not like any particular item in the collection.

i got the broiled small strip loin steak for main dish and potato chips as side. the steak is disappointingly dry and bland. no salt or pepper was added to it. i had to put some A1 sauce to make it taste good. it was way too bland from the steak i ate at chophouse. almost all of us in the group were disappointed. two friends ordered filet mignon which is expected to be tender and juicy but was nothing like that. the only friend, who was happy with her order, got the broiled pork chop. she said it's very delicious.

Verdict: 2.5/5 [-0.5 for the hard bread, -2 for the bland and dry steak]

Gene and Georgetti
500 Franklin St
Chicago, IL 60610

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