After a not so delicious meal at The Port, my mom suggested that we eat at Savory for dinner for her to let us sample one of the old restaurant feel from th 50's. The restaurant, known for its special fried chicken, Lomi and Pancit, is a bit on the expensive side but nonetheless serves delicious and special dishes.

We had whole chicken, a plate of noodles, a serving of cream dory in black bean sauce and tofu and special turon, deep fried banana slices with slivers of jack fruit in spring roll wrapper with caramelized sugar glazed over it. Talking about ambiance, the overall feel and atmosphere of the shop is great, not to mention the cleanliness of the restaurant. It's a fairly new branch, with spacious walking room. On the wall, pictures of old Escolta where the first branch was built sat there for all to see. The servers were courteous enough, and the experience was fantastic.

This has got to be the best chicken I've tried in my entire life, and the gravy has a distinct taste that makes you forget about your healthy diet. If not for the prohibitive price - the chicken dish is four times the market price - I would be here at least once a week. Yum! where's my claritin? =)

I also liked the cream dory fish fillet in tausi, I'm gonna try this at home =) The noodles was so-so, not really one of my favorite dishes, but the turon (deep fried banana covered in sugar with flour and egg wrapper) was definitely a good choice, goodbye weight watchers.

A = 4/5 Price is extremely high. Suggested for really special occasions and/or people with extra money to spend.
N = 4/5

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