we celebrated a friend's birthday at "phoenix" located in chinatown. the waiting line was long. we waited for probably 30 minutes to get a table. after getting a table, we waited for servers to come by with the food carts. we ordered pork siapao, taro puffs, fried sticky rice, shrimp siomai, pork siomai, goto, chicken feet and shrimp wrap for entrees. we had taho for dessert.

i like most of the food except for the taro puffs and fried sticky rice. my appetite was not fully satisfied by the long intervals of waiting for the right servers to come by. we didn't get all the food we wanted at the same time. there was a time when we were almost done with the food on the table while we were still waiting for the other carts to pass by. By the time they did, my appetite was already gone.
Verdict: 4/5 [-1 for the long wait for food carts]
Phoenix Restaurant
2131 South Archer Avenue
Chicago, IL 60616

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