Mooon Cafe

While mom, sister and I were browsing the shops at Ayala, mother subtly hinted that she was starting to get hungry. Luckily, we did have a 300 pesos gift certificate you get from Thirsty, once you fill up their rewards card.

Anyway, we claimed the certificate and ordered tostaditos, a nacho-like appetizer of meat, salsa, cabbage and cheese, karnes pizza, a ham and bacon with melted cheese, chimichanga, a deep fried burrito with oozing cheese and mooon pasta, noodles with sweet hoisin sauce, peanuts and olives.

I love Mexican food, I especially like the guacamole but sadly I'm allergic to it. Mooon Cafe used to be this cozy two-story house turned restaurant in Guadalupe, now it's a chain of stores all over Cebu. I like the interior decoration of their branches, it gives a festive ambiance with its orange, yellow and green backdrops. 

Nachos is my favorite here but we didn't order it this time around, instead we opted for my next fave dish - the tostaditas. Well, come to think of it, aside from the plate dinners, the snack plates are all just various cuts of tortillas with ground meat and salsa so you can't really be too surprised by the taste. As a matter of fact, I think I just might go buy some tortilla chips at the grocery and make my own salsa if I want to have this kind of fare everyday. 

I can't say good things about the pasta and the pizza. I didn't like the noodles and the pizza crust was mediocre - not worth skipping your South Beach diet for. Will probably go back here when we fill up our next Thirsty rewards card. Maybe I'll go for the quesadilla next time.

A = 3/5 The food wasn't really that exceptional and their guarantee of spiciness wasn't true at all. But it was an ok buy, for what it's worth. I've got to hand it to them though, they managed to get an authentic Mexican ambiance with Spanish music.
N = 3/5

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