Yumeya Kihei

Situated in the backdrop of several offices and travel agencies and located within a few steps from Castle Peak Hotel, this Japanese restaurant has a contemporary and traditional atmosphere that restaurant go-ers will surely love. Upon entry, guests will be directed by Filipino employees in kimono, whose main line to patrons will be "Irashaimase!" to their chosen seat arrangements, whether upstairs for yakiniku or downstairs for ala carte.

Speaking of ambiance, I somewhat enjoyed the overall feel of the restaurant. There are printed Japanese paintings on the wall, with small bamboo plants on every corner of the place. The stereo plays traditional Japanese music, a definite plus if you're going to an expensive restaurant like this. Nonetheless, once we were settled on our seats, my cousin, Ate Niña ordered for the gang. We were served aperitif of grilled tuna and salted shelled beans before we had a main course of california Maki, sushi, tuna sashimi and noodles.

Since Saisaki closed its business at SM, I've been on the lookout for good Japanese restaurants here in Cebu but found none. Good thing I ate enough sushi in Vancouver to last me for the whole year =) 

Yumeya-Kihei is one of those high-end Japanese restaurants with prohibitive prices, I mean 12$ for 4 slices of sashimi! That shouldn't be legal in a third world country. Anyway, not that the price really affects the taste, but I liked their beef sukiyaki and grilled gindara, the other orders didn't justify the price tag. The amuse-bouche was a disappointment, it was like mashed tuna flakes that killed my taste buds instead of waking them up. 

Will probably not be going back to this place unless its for free. I  need to check out more Nihon ryori places here to satisfy my palate without burning a hole in my pocket.


A = 4/5 Expensive. Some orders range around 800 up, while the basic main menu are priced no less than 200. Cramped for room. I feel trapped in this restaurant. There isn't much room for large groups.
N = 2.5/5

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