this is one of my favorite malaysian restaurant nearby. i've been here a couple of times with a number of friends. it does not only offer malaysian food but thai, chinese and indian dishes as well.

my top choice among the appetizers is the roti canai. i can't get enough of the flat bread dipped into the chicken and potato curry sauce. the pandan chicken is just average for me. the satay chicken is good but too filling as an appetizer. the fried calamari is good but forgettable compared to the calamari in other restaurants like maggiano's, cheesecake factory or philly g's.

the pad thai tastes good too compared to the one in i am siam. we order thai style tofu everytime we go here. it is served on sizzling plate with an egg topping. it is very good. i also like mango chicken. it does not only taste good but is served with good presentation. for fried rice, we usually order nasi goreng. it is fried rice with shrimp paste.

Verdict: 5/5
Penang Malaysian Cuisine
1720 W Algonquin Rd
Arlington Hts, IL 60005

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