Rai Rai Ken

Rai Rai Ken, what used to be one of the popular Japanese restaurants during the time of Triple V in Cebu, is still firmly established within the area. As what mentioned by people who frequent this place, the dining facility serves as a good substitute for authentic Japanese food.

We decided to eat here for a sample of sea urchin, aside from an assortment of sushi and a few slices of sashimi. The service was awful; it took minutes for the staff to notice us and take our order. Their menu isn't at all updated, and that We had a special platter, consisting of ample servings of california maki, tuna sashimi, salmon sashimi, sea urchin, sweet egg roll and shrimp sushi. We also had a siding of agedashi tofu, deep fried tofu with a thin crispy layer and melt-in-the mouth insides.
I'm not really sure if I'm coming back to this place. Instead, I might have to try visiting Nonki, which has a wider array of dishes to serve guests.

A: 1.75/5 What got to me was the service and the food presentation. I wasn't in the least impressed.

Rai Rai Ken
SM City Cebu
2nd Level SM City Cebu
North Reclamation Area

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