Mesa at The Terraces

Situated in the backdrop of Ayala's Terraces and overlooking the lush gardens of the mall, Mesa shines when it comes to fine dining Filipino food. Serving traditional Philippine cuisine with a touch of class and sophistication, this casual restaurant in Ayala is the only one that serves suckling pig. Upon entry, guests have the option to be seated on a private section of the restaurant just outside the restaurant or inside the lavishly furnished interior establishment. Their menu is composed of native dishes such as Sisig, a diced pork dish with a dash of chili served on a sizzling plate and Laing, taro leaves slowly simmered in rich fresh coconut sauce.

Their outstanding order, the Crispchon is a 45-day old piglet cleaned and prepared before deep fried. Further, once it arrives, the servers will prepare the pig in a way that most of the succulent meat is cut into slices and wrapped with vegetables and a unique pandan flavored wrap. These bite-sized items are then eaten with six sauces, ranging from the traditional Lechon sarsa to Curry dip. Once all the meat has been finished, the waiters will then offer to prepare the ribs and bones (you're not allowed to nibble on the bone. Yet.) for a second course. This time, what used to be the remains of an unappetizing heap of bones will be returned to you on a platter, cooked in chili-garlic sauce right to perfection. 


A: 4.7/5. We were seated comfortably in a booth while enjoying the chic ambiance the restaurant offers. I had a great time dining here, and during our stay, the servers were attentive and quick. The food is good, albeit pricey (you're paying for comfort and ambiance). My only complaint is the washroom. Small, cramped and it smells odd. Bathroom deo and the lack of tissues/hand dryers will more likely bother people, myself included. Good place to conduct business meetings and casual meetups with friends. They also serve liquor and beer here, just ask for their drinks menu.

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