Blue Elephant Apple One Sky Lounge

Situated on the 19th floor of Apple One building within walking distance from Ayala, Blue Elephant Sky Lounge is one of the more recent happenings especially for the opening for the  year 2014. This restaurant-bar is said to be a nightly extension of the parent company located in IT Park; it opens at 5 pm and closes at 2 am. Moreover, due to its recent rise to popularity, it is recommended to secure a reservation beforehand to make sure you don't run out of tables.

Access to the restaurant is granted at exactly 5pm, and it even has its own dedicated lift for patrons and staff. The restaurant itself is pretty barren at opening hours, but life starts to flourish as soon as the sun hits the the sack and the moon rises in its place. This sky lounge's true worth lies in dusk where lights start to shine and a beautiful cityscape roars to life  with a variety of colors and sounds.

 Even if we came here at exactly 5pm, we were informed that the kitchen opens at 6pm, so the staff attending us told us to order ahead to avoid the rush of customers coming later. We ordered stuffed squid, seafood curry, bangkok express, sisig and crispy pata. For refreshments, my brother had a bottle of light beer, my sister got a glass of Thai iced tea, while I had a refreshing glass of frozen iced tea.

Our orders arrived one by one at around 630, when people have started claiming their seat reservations. The staff were slowly going around and placing light fixtures and these nifty changing lights on every table to provide a colorful display for the diners.                                       

I find it weird that the food served here tastes different from the main branch, like a clear deviation from the traditional taste that Blue Elephant was known for. The sizzling squid was saucy and we couldn't taste the stuffing so well. The seafood curry tasted sweet and had a very subtle taste of curry in it, as if the curry was added late. The sisig was tasted different, and wasn't sizzling as advertized. It did have unusual ingredients that regular  restaurants don't use: pork ears and liver. The crispy pata also paled in comparison to the one from IT park (which had softer meat and crispier skin, served with three types of sauces).           

One the bright side, we managed to see some bright and colorful fireworks from time to time in the background. Plus the night scenery was really great.                                                                    

Blue Elephant Sky Lounge
Apple One Building


A: 3/5

The crispy pata almost didn't arrive, and it tasted different from the usual taste I was so used to. The staff were courteous enough though, and very attentive. The drinks tasted too sweet, as if the barista wanted us to catch diabetes.


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