Dong Juan

One cloudy Sunday afternoon, my family and I decided to try out a fairly new restaurant located at IT park called Dong Juan. As cliche as it sounds, it has a local appeal with the usual favorites on the menu, as well as a few new iterations like Kimchi burger to cater to potential foreign diners who pass by the area. 
For starters while waiting for our main course, we tried a serving of  calamari fritters. It came to us with a unique tangy sauce  that had us wanting for more (the calamari, because there was only enough serving for 3 each for the 4 of us).

Soon enough, our sisig plate and a platter of baby back ribs arrived to our table. We found it cute that their wooden tray had a hand carved "Dong Juan" on its side for presentation services. Moments later, the main course, the esteemed Crispy Pata arrived on our table. There wasn't any notable mentions here from this restaurant, all of which could have been done in a better, more delicious way. 

Overall I think it was an OK meal, not great but not bad either, perhaps we just didn't order their best sellers or what they're known for like the burgers and pizza. Our orders were more suitable for restos like Alejandro's at Crossroads. We should probably have gone snack mode in this joint :)

Dong Juan
Calyx Hotel, IT Park

The sisig was super greasy like it was full of fat and it did not in any way look appetizing (trust me, after having eaten so many sisigs from restaurants, this sisig DOES NOT look appetizing AT ALL). The Crispy Pata did not even have enough meat to begin with. And the meat underneath the skin was crisp. Overcooked maybe? At least the baby back ribs were decent. The calamari fritters tasted like air. The sauce it came with does not even help.

Not worth your time to come here.

N: 3/5 I would say we should give this restaurant another try, after all we haven't tasted their famous burgers :)

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