Pepper Lunch-Ayala Cebu

"Finally!" I exclaimed as we were walking by the top floor area of Ayala's new wing. Before us was a brightly lit store named Pepper Lunch, with all its shining glory and bright lights. I remember it like it was yesterday, the memories of our first dining experience back in Makati. Aaaaah, after so long a time that we set our taste buds on a quest to rediscover the delicious taste of thinly sliced beef (of course, Yoshinoya still takes the top spot in my heart :) ).

We ordered teriyaki beef pepper steak and a plate of sizzling pepper steak and then we were seated by the corner of the restaurant. The place was fairly new, and it was pleasant to the eyes. The air conditioning was just right and the ambiance felt cozy.

A few minutes later, our order arrived and we were reminded that we should stir the meat immediately on the still sizzling hot plate before us. We were also given the option to use two of their sauces on the table, soy garlic and honey brown (which, i think were both salty-ish.) It was kind of strange to see the amount of meat on our plates though, since we upgraded our meals to the next size, we somehow feel that it feels... lacking.

But otherwise, I felt content with the food we had here. It'd be nice to come back to this restaurant to check how much exactly the upgraded meals look like compared to the regular ones.

Pepper Lunch
Ayala Center Cebu

A: 3.5/5 A restaurant worth revisiting once its soft opening is finished.

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