Seafood island

Among the number of restaurants in the newly renovated Ayala mall as of yet, Seafood island has got to be one of the better places to grab a meal with your friends looking to experience their first hand experience in native filipino dining.

This place specializes in group meals, or what they call boodle, or a group meal where a large heap of rice and a variety of viands is served for everyone to share. 

Since the place is fairly new and that we arrived here at lunch hour, the place is packed. We could barely hear ourselves in the wave of chatter and the tinker of tableware, let alone fine a decent space to eat.  Regardless, we were fortunate enough to get one by the windowside with ample space on our table.

For starters, we had 

chicharon bulaklak,


Kinilaw na tanigue

...and binagoongang baboy.

After which, we had a hearty serving of sisig and crispy pata.

The waiting time is terrible, even the time you have to wait for the change and receipt is awful. Everyone seems to pile up near the counter and whenever someone come to listen to our request, people seem disinterested and hurry back to finish what they were doing. The sisig and the crispy pata arrived late while the other three dishes arrived early. I was also disappointed by the taste of the iced teas. We couldnt hear our conversation by the sheer noise in the background. The concept seems like a good idea, but dining out with your family, this is not the place to go.

Seafood Island
Ayala center Cebu Rooftop

A: 3/5

There are better tasting chispy patas out there. Expect less for the amount you'd pay for. Plus the ambiance is slightly below average.

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