Our dinner last night was supposed to be sautéed cabbage but when I was chopping the ingredients, there was a power shortage for an hour or less. So, cursing this unfortunate event, my sister and I decided to eat out before she heads off to work, at a restaurant we rarely visit now. AA BBQ is popular for its grilled items; seafood, meat, chicken. They even have roast beef and are known to serve soup based and sizzling dishes too.
We, on the other hand, sampled their roast beef, pork ribs, broiled white marlin and sticks of chicken liver, gizzard and spicy sausages. There were a lot of people here, and noticeably quite a number of Koreans. Our wait time was short, and immediately we tried the food that we ordered. The tender beef calf was presented with a special sweet sauce. Soup arrived, and so did the rest of our orders. It was delicious. The way they cook their meat is splendid, and I can tell that over the years of serving grilled dishes, they were able to master how to cook tender and juicy meat that's well done and soft. I highly suggest this restaurant for those people who love grilled food.

In front of USP Lahug, within walking distance to IT park

A = 3.7/5

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