Kublai Khan

When this restaurant first opened a few years ago at the ground floor of Ayala center, it became our favorite place to eat since we can choose what ingredients to put in and what sauces to top them with. However, as time passed by, the selections dwindled and the quality sucked until the novelty faded and it wasn't worth it anymore.

Six or so years later I'm back in Cebu and wanted to check out if KK improved since my last visit. They moved their location to The Terraces where all the happening is and they changed the look to some sort of cafeteria like ambience.

The choices were not exemplary and I wouldn't really want to go back here even if they paid me. They chop the meat and tofu to invisible bits like they were spring onion garnish and my dish looked like mixed ground sawdust when it came out. Ok yeah, the taste was ok, after all I chose all the sauces that went with it, but the presentation could be better. Well what can I expect, when their motto is "don't blame the cook, he just put fire". Maybe the minced cuts were done for a reason - so that they would cook fast, but it didn't look very appealing.

Oh well, I gave them another chance, it was a major fail!

Kublai Khan
The Terraces
Ayala Center Cebu


N: 2/5

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