Triple V (Kamayan, Dads, Saisaki)

Triple V-Saisaki is by far, the best casual Japanese restaurant I've tasted in my life. This restaurant lets you sample several seafood and meat products the way it should be, Japanese style. They have a sushi bar with ample choices of raw fish sliced just right, a separate section for frying meat and grilling things and last but not the least, another section for noodle and soup based bowls.

We dined there twice, the first time was when we were headed to Hong Kong and the second one, on our way back to Cebu. Seafood lovers will be pleased to know that they can get as many slices of salmon and tuna and eel that they want as well as take advantage of the restaurant's assortment of cold cuts. Food presentation is exceptional, as well as abrupt service. And if anyone likes European and Filipino dishes, connected to the restaurant are two long buffet areas, Dads and Kamayan

To make up for the packed place and to complete their ambiance, the dining facility has a roving troupe of musicians that will sing songs upon request. They sing local favorites from the oldies to the recent ones like Lady Gaga. Not to mention a wide variety of desserts like cakes, pastries, ice cream, tarts and halo halo.

Overall, I really recommend this place for its food. Just make sure to come super early or make a reservation. Not to mention, if you don't mind huge crowds.

Triple V (Kamayan, Dads, Saisaki)
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A: 4.7/5

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