Flame it!

We came upon this restaurant after a long time of not even giving it a second look. The place was a little cramped for room, with only a few chairs and really small booths. But regardless of how it looks like, Flame it burgers has got to be one of the best burgers in town, in my opinion. First, their burger buns are firm. Next, they have fresh greens. And finally, the meat itself is spectacular. You have the option to pick between a regular burger or upgrade it to a half pound one, something that makes Champ and Big Mac run away for their money.

When it comes to taste, I haven't tasted anything that can beat it in terms of meat content (save for Burger King) plus the fact that it's grilled to perfection just for you. The spices that come with it is unimaginable and is enough to make your mouth water. The smell is different too, compared to the traditional burgers you can get from the usual burger joints.

My only complaint is the waiting time. And the fact that their "cream cheese and garlic burger" doesn't have any cream cheese at all. Other than that, everything's well and good.

Flame it!
Ayala Center Cebu

a = 3.5/5

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