Roma Mia

Located in the outskirts of Ayala Cebu's Terraces, Roma Mia is a quaint restaurant that specializes in deep dish pizza. The ambiance is pleasant enough and the whole place is well ventilated even though the air conditioning doesn't reach the end corner of the dining facility. There are additional seats outside, just in case the crew can no longer accommodate on the inside.

The food we had included Carlito's way deep dish pizza topped with cheese, green peppers, ground meat paired with a plate of spaghetti pesto. For sidings, we sampled a good-for-two-plate of fried Chicken wings with a small cup of honey mustard dip. First of, the pizzas weren't that great. Rather, it tasted bland and the meat on it doesn't add to any taste. The cheese used for this pizza is different however, which makes it so-so. The pesto's noodles were submerged in a ric sauce composed of fresh and finely chopped basil and garlic. The chicken wings were alright; the tangy sauce made up for it.

For those interested in coming over to eat here, they should prepare for sharing the diner's wide range of assorted food. Good for groups, dates and casual meetings.

Roma Mia
Ayala Terraces

A = 4.2/5

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