Lunch Break.

Amidst the hectic schedule yesterday, we decided to dine at the Grand Convention Center's Mikado. The restaurant stands along the roadside complete with shade from trees, pleasant atmosphere and numerous parking lots. Upon arrival, you are greeted by prompt servers saying "Irashaimase" which means Welcome in Japanese. To your right side and just a few steps ahead of you ar the pedestals where carefully prepared food are presented for the buffet.

The quiet ambiance and the faint music in the background is excellent for those who prefer to dine in peace on their own or with someone else. There are semi-private booths available too, for those who need it.

The food is ok, although when we visited, there weren't any salmon at all. They have sukiyaki, yakiniku, miso soup, tempura, some sashimi and rolls of sushi.

Grand Convention Center

A: 3/5 expensive for what it has to offer

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