Amidst the rows of local restaurants that are open until late in the morning, Abuhan restaurant is popular for its wide array of Filipino dishes, as well as its homely atmosphere and cozy ambiance.

Once seated, we ordered Crispy Pata, a large bowl of Pochero, beef soup with vegetables and corn, a plate of Bicol Express, beans and chili simmered slowly in coconut milk, and steamed water spinach. The crispy pata was just as I imagined it, crispy, but not toasted and the Pochero was piping hot with plenty of cabbages and bamboo shoots. The Bicol express, something most restaurants fail to perfect was good and spicy, unlike the normal gooey or very mild varieties. They didn't overcook the water spinach either, simmered just right in soy sauce and vinegar as well as a few other spices.

I'm still impressed with the food, albeit the servers were a bit apathetic. Nonetheless, if you're into a well thought of and well prepared Filipino food, look for Abuhan in IT park. You're in for a treat.

Abuhan Restaurant
IT Park

A: 4/5

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