Ila Puti

Ila Puti is one of the best tasting restaurants I've been to in IT Park. For one, it has got to be the best casual restaurants that doesn't fall into the nightlife stereotype cafe that serves beer and liquor after hours with loud music and boisterous laughing. In fact, the ambiance, calm and quiet, is totally different from its neighbors. Interiors organized too and each guest is guaranteed satisfaction upon being seated by the server.

We were able to try their special burger and their Indian inspired meat curry-tomato rice. The rice meal that I got was delicious and done just right (smooth blend of curry with a tickling hint of tomatoes, perfect!). What makes it special is that you can actually taste and savor the herbs and spices they used in the dish. The burger, on the other hand, was just above the regular burger but not quite that special. It's way beyond the level of quality compared to what fast food chains serve, however.

I'm quite sure I'll come back to this restaurant in the future. I'm curious as to what other dishes they'll surprise me with next time.

Ila Puti
IT Park


A: 4/5

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