Handuraw Pizza

Handuraw restaurant is a quaint place where you can get a nice slice of pizza and a bottle of below zero beer. We came here during lunch time, and not a soul in sight, save from a lone attendant who was busy texting someone while the smooth, soothing music filled the four corners of the room. It was a semi dark place, and it had great ambiance, a nice place to treat someone out on a date or a chill out after work.

We got a plate of Handuraw special, a thin crust pizza with olives, ham, ground meat, cheese, home made tomato sauce. They can really make their pizzas the way they wanted it to be! One bite on the freshly baked slice and I know it's a winner. This is better than Shakey's or Pizza hut.

Thin crust Pizza served just right, relaxing atmosphere, spacious area? What more can you ask for? I'm not one for the booze, but hey, I'm in if it's food.

...now, I wonder what i's like to dine here during the evening? I guess I just have to see.

Handuraw Pizza

A: 4/5

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