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We came upon Teriyaki boy late in the afternoon after buying the things we needed at the mall. Luckily at 4pm, there was no one inside save for a couple in one of the two who were just about to leave after their meal. We took our seats at one of the round booths there, and were busy appraising the menu given to us by the waitress.

A few minutes later after ordering, the same server delivered Uni sushi (sea cucumber), Unagi sushi (Eel), Creme dori Tempura, Teriyaki Boy Chicken Ju (grilled chicken in sweet glaze), Tempura Tuna Sashimi Tartare (tuna in tempura breading with tartar) and a small bowl of Nasu-Abura Itame (eggplant in a sweet-salty sauce with sesame seeds)

The food was excellent, to be honest. If you're visiting this resto, forget the shake (salmon). Sea cucumber is definitely a must when you visit a Japanese restaurant. Their unagi sushi isn't bad either, as it was soft and not too salty. Their Tempura Tuna Sashimi is a very good order too, I might add, a good substitute for those expensive sushi/sashimi. Creme Dori Tempura is so-so, though I have to hand it to them, I didn't think it was possible to do that with that type of fish. Their Chicken Ju deserves special honors, though, although parts of it were toasted a little too much. The Nasu-Abura Itame is an ingenious way of preparing eggplant. Something I loved too.

I guess, my only complaint about this restaurant is the lazy atmosphere of the staff when it comes to refills and checks. I guess most of them just aren't that into their job as waiters and waitresses and that we had to wait for at least 10 minutes for the check and five minutes for a bottomless iced tea refill. Ambiance is wonderful. Price is so-so if you stay away from bestsellers.

Teriyaki Boy
Ayala Terraces


A: 3.8/5

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