During Max's 65th year anniversary, all branches nationwide held a month long promo that allows customers to consume any number of quarter pieces from six to ten in the evening. Of course, as food enthusiasts ourselves, we sampled their chicken to prove their slogan, "The house that fried chicken built".

We had three quarters of a chicken each, paired with asparagus cooked with tofu. For an additional fee, we availed of the bottomless soda upgrade. The asparagus with tofu is ok, although I would've liked it better if there were more vegetables in it or had it been served on the table more appetizingly. The chicken needs some work too, the first chicken quarter served was cold. I suppose that's understandable, to prepare for the flow of people wanting to avail of this cheap and affordable promo.

Aside from the promo, the only merit that I see is the prompt service given to the guests. The food is so-so to me, and most of the prices in their menu is way beyond any budget. Nothing exceptional and hard to cook.

SM Cebu


A: 3/5

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