Ric's BBQ

Ric's Barbecue is your typical hang-out place when you're working at IT park especially after work, during weekends, or after a grueling overtime. Anyway, this place is located just within The Walk, an area of dining and drinking restaurants with ample parking spaces in one space of land. Known for its special barbecue, many office workers head there to sample their traditional secret blend and recipe.

Nonetheless, we ordered a bowl of pork sinigang, a tamarind based soup, their special pork barbecue and a sizzling scrumptious hot plate of sisig, finely chopped pork ears topped with pork rind. I like the ambiance, in fact, I like what they did for the restaurant with such a small space. I'm also surprised that the facility doesn't have any smoke. They have a built in smoke vent which routs any smoke directly out of the place. I could see the food being cooked at the kitchen, given the transparent glass on the side.

The food was ok, but most of their servings are small. Not that I'm complaining, but for groups of three or more, prepare to burn money.

Ric's BBQ
IT Park

A: 3/5

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