Authentic Japanese

I've been complaining for a while about the lack of authentic sushi places here in Vancouver, but I finally found one that is owned and operated by Nihon-jins. Tokachi is the name of the place and it's in faraway Surrey.

When we first saw the place from the outside, we hesitated on going in because it looked like the place was deserted. It turned out that people were in separate dining rooms. The lady who served us was very attentive and generous with the tea. I also liked the wasabi, which was really strong.

Our dinner meal was composed of agedashi tofu, veggie tempura and avocado roll, ikura (salmon roe), kaki (oyster) and toro (tuna belly) sushi. Too bad uni (sea urchin) sushi wasn't available, I've been wanting to try that for the past five years. I've only tried it once at Rai Rai Ken in Cebu. I would come back here if uni is available but it's too far from civilization.

N: 4.0/5.0 [-1 because there was no uni]

10767 King George HWY, Surrey, BC

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