Cucina Manila

I was craving for Filipino food so I jogged five blocks and went to this local carenderia to try their kare kare and kaldereta. I think it's been at least eight months since I last went to this place, and I only went just to show my tennis buddies what the cuisine looks and tastes like.

What can I say, when I go to a Filipino restaurant, I always end up saying, "my mom cooks better than this." =) Everything looked the same really, all meat with red, brown or some dark sauce. Don't get me wrong, I love Filipino food but yeah, knowing at the back of my mind that I can have the same fare for 10 times cheaper doesn't really help.

The ambience is typical canteen style where you line up and point at whatever food you want then you pay at the counter. They also offer catering and big orders. I should try the crispy pata next time =)

N: 2.5/5.0 [-2.5 because my Mom can cook better than that =p]

Cucina Manila
5179 Joyce St, Vancouver, BC

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