Cho Sun Korean BBQ

is my all time favorite food, it's in my top three with sushi and Spanish cuisine. What I love about Korean restaurants are the small side dishes, and kimchi of course, well I can eat kimchi for breakfast, lunch and dinner =)

So for two days in a row I dined at Cho Sun with two different sets of friends. It never gets old. One friend even asked if we were on death row, what would we order for our last meal, and I said galbi!! =)

On Friday lunch, we ordered beef ribs and chicken BBQ, jap chae, deep fried chicken with veggie and dumplings (I should research the Korean names). Everything was good except the beef was too tough, old cow.

On Saturday dinner, we ordered beef ribs, pork and chicken BBQ, deep fried beef with sweet and sour sauce and mixed veggies. The beef ribs BBQ was better this time. We had a blast and consumed four sets of BBQ plates. Wow and I finished maybe 3 bowls of kimchi. I smelled like smoked meat when we came out.

N: 4.0/5.0 [-1 because the beef ribs was not that fresh on Friday lunch time]

Cho Sun
3486 Kingsway Vancouver, BC

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