Famous Dave's

as a disclaimer, i think my review for this restaurant would not be very reliable because i was very hungry when i ate dinner here with my friends. nevertheless, i'm still sharing the experience i had at "famous dave's".

we ordered right away "not’cho ordinary nachos (grande) " for appetizer and "dave's famous feast" for entree when the waiter got our orders for drinks. that's how hungry we were!

the nachos consist of "Tri-colored tortilla chips topped with Wilbur Beans, Famous Chili, shredded lettuce, tomato, jalapeño, Cheddar, seasoned sour cream, Rich & Sassy® and your choice of barbequed meat: Texas beef brisket, Georgia chopped pork, or pulled BBQ chicken."

the appetizer delicious! we almost finished it all up.

the "dave's famous feast" consists of "A full slab of St. Louis-style spareribs, a whole chicken, 1/2 lb. of either Texas beef brisket or Georgia chopped pork, coleslaw, Famous Fries, Wilbur Beans, four corn-on-the-cob, and four corn bread muffins." we chose the beef brisket. i like spareribs, roasted chicken and corn bread muffins the most in this feast. i can do without the beef brisket. i would recommend this feast for a hungry group of 5 or 6 craving for ribs and roasted chicken. aside from the savory spareribs and chicken, "famous dave's" is also known for its tasty sauces: "Texas Pit" and 'Devil's Spit" to name a few of them.

Verdict: 5/5

Famous Dave's Barbeque
99 Town Line Rd
Vernon Hills, IL 60061

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