Goto King

Tummy was growling, probably used to eating too much food, so we headed out to have late lunch at one of the Filipino food stores along Joyce. Goto King is supposed to be famous for its congee but we didn't really feel like eating that so we ordered sizzling squid and spring rolls.

The squid was a little too salty for my taste and well spring rolls were spring rolls, you can never get them wrong unless you wrap air in a pinch of meat. The food was ok, the service was fast the lady behind the counter was very accomodating.

Food and eating has always been a social event for me, something I don't do on my own. I'm  beginning to think that the only reason why I go to Filipino places is not really because I crave the food but more because I just want to be surrounded by people who speak a familiar language.

N: 3.0/5.0 [-2 because squid was too salty]

Goto King
5183 Joyce Street, Vancouver

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