Triple O's

I never really knew why it was called triple o's until a friend explained the history behind the name. This White Sport burger joint reminds me of California's In and Out. Well, what can I say, a burger is a burger is a burger, not a very big fan.

We ordered the burger meal that comes with fries and drinks. I learned a new drink mix: rootbeer and orange crush, yep it's really good! The fries on this restaurant leaves a lot to be desired, they were steak cut but the quality is that bad that even if you dunk it in vinegar or whatever condiment, it still tasted like blech. Made me miss fries and hot fudge at McDonalds or the great steak cut fries of Red Robin. Probably the only redeeming thing about our order was the burger, which was really huge, I managed to finish three bites before I gave up.

White Spot Triple O's is an ok choice for people who wants to grab meals on the go, but then if it were me, I probably would have gone to Wendy's and bought a big classic.

N: 1.0/5.0 [-4 because I've had way better burgers elsewhere]

White Spot Triple O's
3505 Grandview Hwy Vancouver, BC

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