Chika-an Ayala

One afternoon while waiting for the LBC package bound for delivery to our place, I got a call from my sister, who wanted me to come over to Ayala to eat lunch with her and our mom. They gave me instructions to head quickly to Chika-an, which I did, and hurried to the rendezvous point.

I arrived at the restaurant after all the food were delivered to our table. The place was packed! Of course! It's lunch time and it's hearts day! I've seen several people traveling to and fro with flowers and chocolates and gifts and balloons and little things they'll give to their significant partners on the way.The flower shops were also bustling with people on a single file line, waiting for their turn for some delicate blooms as a present.

Ah, love!

I entered the packed establishment and saw my family's table filled with several dishes of food. There was Chicharong Bulaklak, Pochero Steak, Banana Heart salad, Kinilaw na Isda, Bam-i, Bikol Express, Crispy Pata, Gizzard BBQ, Chicken Relleno, Baked Scallops, Crab Relleno; all of which I sampled individually. The Chicharong bulaklak was good enough, though not the best. The Pochero steak was a little gamey and the crispy pata had crispy skin but the meat was tough to chew. I'll have to give them props for their crab relleno (they used real crab meat for this). The baked scallops was also okay, though not the best and the Bicol Express like it had too much coconut milk. The Chicken relleno and the Kinilaw was a great order though. I had a good enough experience here though, plus we ordered a nice serving of leche flan and turon. My mom had a cup of Pinipig with genuine Latik or coconut sweets.

Chika-An Ayala
3rd floor Ayala Center Cebu

A: 2.5/5 Could be a little bit better, in my opinion. I think Hukad is a better choice for me.

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