Nick's Lighthouse

we had this crazy idea of walking from embarcadero to golden gate bridge one saturday. we were supposed to eat at cioppino's but we were already famished from walking. when we reached fisherman's wharf, we started looking for interesting restaurants that offer cioppino. the first thing from this restaurant that caught my attention was the number of people eating steamed crabs while standing outside the restaurant just like street food. the waiter suggested we get the imperial platter which has lobster, crab, prawns, clams, oysters, calamari and shrimp. he said it would be perfect for a group of four like us. we thought that it might be too much for us. we ordered lobster thermidor, cioppino, linguine vongole with clams, cannelloni filled with crab and shrimp, poke sandwich with fries. all entrees come with a choice of clam chowder,  or lobster bisque or salad with shrimp and sourdough bread. the clam chowder was delicious!
we all loved the cioppino. it was my first time to eat it from a restaurant though so i have no comparison for it. my order of cannelloni with asparagus was perfect! the taste of the cream sauce, cheese, crab and shrimp was awesome! my two friends were not that happy with their orders of linguine and sandwich. the lobster was a little gummy too.

Nick's Lighthouse
2815 Taylor St
San Francisco, CA 94133

Verdict: 4/5 (selected dishes are remarkable. this is a $$ restaurant.)

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