i've eaten lunch buffet at this restaurant thrice and this is one of my favorite indian buffet restaurants because of its wide variety of tasty options in their buffet table. however, this time around, i got invited to my friend's tenth year wedding anniversary for dinner a la carte style. we got the appetizer "asparagus paneer bhurji flat bread - masala scrambled cottage cheese, peppers and asparagus on a naan bread with garlic tulsi aioli on a cedar plank". i loved it because it's like pizza. it was my first time to try paneer on pizza and it was a nice suprise. we ordered three entrees: curry with eggplant, another curry with masala sauce, and chicken biryani. i didn't like the curry with eggplant but liked the masala curry and chicken biryani. we had "narangi pista kulfi - rich, creamy orange and pistachio flavored ice-cream served in an orange rind" for dessert and i liked its taste and presentation. i'd give this restaurant's service and ambiance a high recommendation.

The Mynt
5210 Prospect Rd
San Jose, CA 95129

Verdict: 3.5/5 (not all dishes are good.)

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