Gusto Bar

Located at the corner of the Calyx building and within walking distance to most of the buildings here in IT park, Gusto Bar is one of the interesting places to grab a bite and relax in the area. Gusto bar boasts a wide variety of dishes to whet your appetite from pizza to pasta, seafood to meat. They also have a variety of desserts like tiramisu, cakes and ice cream for the sweet toothed person.

We came here one windy day of February to finally sample their food. The ones on the menu are slightly pricey, I figured, and I was battling with myself to gamble if their food was indeed worth the price.

My sister had herself a serving of beef lasagna while we both agreed to enjoy a large plate of salmon pizza. While waiting for our orders, we found ourselves sinking into the restaurant's chill music and relaxing atmosphere.

We were not disappointed when we finally sank our teeth into the food that we got. The salmon pizza that we ordered was crisp and the dish itself did not taste weird in any way. The lasagna was better than I imagined it, with several layers of good cheese used in the making of such a delectable item. It even came with a stick of garlic bread. How fun! I was satisfied, and my doubts were eased.

Gusto Bar
IT Park


A: 4/5 Pricey the food might be, but you won't be disappointed. If you're willing to shell out 250-350 for food here, you're in for a good treat.

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