Known to Cebuanos as one of the best places where you can get fried chicken, Sunburst continues to thrive through the years as a fast food shack and retreat for the hungry souls looking for a delicious bite of chicken to soothe the rumblings of their tummies.

We came by to sample once again the famous chicken of Cebu and found ourselves sated by the assortment of food offered to us by the courteous staff of Sunburst Ayala. We ordered old favorites such as sotanghon guisado, sizzling bangus, calamares, crispy pata and their famous recipe of chicken. The place was packed, but the orders came on time and piping hot and delicious. We had to deal with insufficient space and cramped walkways as proof of its still strong popularity.

I had no complaints about the food, though the price tag that comes with each of them is note worthy. Chicken sold here are served using their secret recipe that is uniquely theirs. I have yet to find a restaurant that copies their taste exactly as it is

. It wasn't spectacular nor was it very good. Just ok. Their bangus and the crispy pata is a winner, though. ^^

Ayala Terraces

A: 3/5
Not for the price conscious. Some dishes are heavy on the pocket.

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