Everything Yummy [food+love]

One drizzling evening, my siblings and I decided head back to David's steakhouse for our dinner, but much to our dismay we found it locked down permanently. After several disappointed moments and careful recalculation of plans, we then decided to scour the uncharted corners of E-Bloc for a new dining experience. Lo and behold, Everything Yummy located beside Charlie Chicken saved our dinner plans.

It was a quaint place, spacious and homey with ample amount of chairs for the its patrons. We were greeted by the servers and had the doors opened for us upon our arrival. Interestingly, the menu was composed of only a few items in stock, not to mention a whole page for sardines.

But it didn't disheartened us, no. We ordered a leg quarter of chicken inasal, a plate of home made burger, a set of adobo called adobomb, and a large plate of ribs.

The flavors were intense and very flavorful, totally different from my expectations of this restaurant. The burger steak was made of meat and bread. The leg quarter was cooked just right, juicy inside but crisp on the outside. Their adobo tasted like it was slow cooked and very tender. The meat managed to absorb most of the flavor of the sauce. The ribs that we had were fall off the bone. 

Everything Yummy [food + love]
Ebloc, IT Park

A: 4.5/5

Very delicious. The burger steak sauce tasted a little salty, but everything fell into place. Affordable enough too.

Worth going back to.

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