Manila Foodshoppe

We visited Manila Foodshoppe's latest branch after months of being in operation at the third floor of SM City Cebu. We arrived there just minutes before the throng of people flocked the place for dinner. We started with a huge bowl hot and sour fish lips to share and a pot of tea for refreshments. Without waiting too long, the other orders arrived; lechon kawali, seafood fried rice, buttered chicken, spring rolls, bam-i, squid with salt and pepper, and last but not the least, honey pork spare ribs.

Looking at the prices of the food, I was expecting that the serving size would be small as it is in other restaurants. Much to my surprise, several of the food we ordered were good for at least 5-6 people! We couldn't even finish the rice and the bam-i (local noodle dish with vegetables and meat.) 

The hot sour soup tastes great, just the right sourness with a slight zing with beaten eggs to give it a neat texture. The honey pork spare ribs, spring rolls, and lechon kawali dishes tasted good, but they had very little servings to boot. Butter chicken tasted great, in my opinion. They were able to get the familiar original recipe accentuated by just the right amount of spice in them. The squid with salt and pepper tasted a little bit salty for my tastes.

Manila Foodshoppe
3rd floor SM City Cebu

Verdict: 4.75/5
A: The food tasted great. Definitely one of the next places to visit if you're feeding an army. Cheap, affordable, and delicious.


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